The Skydiving BelleSo, this happened.  The Skydiving Belle and the Butterfly.

Ashley had been listening to the podcast, “Terrible, Thanks for Asking” with Nora McInerny.  She said how the episodes helped her through some rough times and one day, she sent an email to Nora about some of her life, past and present.  Ashley was contacted and the result is the podcast which you can link to above.

I thought the podcast was very well done and, of course, that Ashley did such a fabulous job of answering questions and describing some of what she has been through.  The sad thing is that there is so much more to her story that simply could not fit into 45 minutes.

I did mention to Ash that at one point in the podcast, she mentioned that she felt her family did not want her.  I told her that was never true yet I could understand why she felt that.  The truth is, we desperately wanted our Ashley.  We just did not want the Addicted Ashley.  While we would never give up on her, there were points where we knew there was nothing more that we could do.  There is nothing scarier than the feeling that I may wake up one morning and my daughter would no longer be in this world.

So, if you have some time, listen to the podcast and pass it on.  We hope it can help.

Love my recovering addict and going to see her in 36 hours!!!!!!!!

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